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Stroke Center

NAMC has received the The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Heart-Check mark for Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Center as well as the Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Gold Quality Achievement Award.



MINUTES MATTER when you’re having a stroke. A stroke can happen at any age. Any of these signs could indicate a stroke:

FACE: An uneven smile could be a sign of a stroke

ARM: Check to see if one arm is weak

SPEECH: Listen for slurred speech

TIME: Call 911 at the first sign, and get the patient to the emergency department at North Alabama Medical Center

A stroke could occur no matter how old you are, and the symptoms are very different from a heart attack. Use the FAST method – check Face, Arm, Speech and Time, and get the patient to the Stroke Center at NAMC as quickly as possible. MINUTES MATTER when you’re having a stroke!

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