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Hospitalist Medicine

Some community physicians refer their patients to a Hospitalist when hospitalization is required. During the in-patient stay, the Hospitalist remains in contact with the Primary Care Physician (PCP) as needed. The PCP is kept informed about any and all major changes in the patient’s condition. After discharge, the patient is returned to the PCP with information and instructions for follow-up care.

Because Hospitalists are in the hospital all day, it is usually very easy for you and your family to receive communication about your progress. Hospitalists allow your primary care physician to spend more time in his/her office, grants better access to care and keeps you and your family healthy.

The hospitalists are committed to:

  • Excellent medical care
  • Addressing your concerns and issues
  • Taking time to explain your medical condition and informing you of your treatment options
  • Directly communicating with your primary care physician and assisting with your discharge planning.

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