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Next Steps

The following services are provided by the anesthesia providers:

  • Administration of general anesthesia
  • Administration of regional anesthesia
  • Administration of spinal or epidural anesthesia
  • Palliative Epidural catheter placement for management of post-op pain and OB analgesia blocks for pain management
  • Monitored anesthesia care
  • Oral and nasal intubation for surgical intervention or respiratory resuscitation
  • Support of life functions under stress of anesthetic and surgical manipulations
  • Preoperative anesthesia assessments
  • Management of patients for special procedures in X-ray Department
  • Management of patients for special procedures in Cath. Lab
  • Management of patients for DC Cardioversion in PACU
  • Management of patients requiring MAC anesthesia in the Endoscopy Department
  • Placement of central lines and arterial lines when consulted by a physician not having central line or arterial line privileges

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