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Rehabilitation Center

As one of the leading rehabilitation departments in North Alabama, we will serve the physical needs and support the emotional needs of the patients by providing a challenging and progressive environment in which to rehabilitate.  We will distinguish ourselves through the quality of the clinical and educational services that we provide.

Rehabilitation Services is a patient care service concerned with the restoration of function and the prevention of disability following disease, injury, surgery, or loss of body part. Upon evaluation of the patient’s abilities, a therapist works to correct or minimize deformity, alleviate pain, and improve the general health status of the individual.  Services include comprehensive assessments, development of treatment plans, delivery and documentation of care, consultation, re-evaluations, discharge planning, and patient/family education.

The Rehabilitation Services Department provides inpatient treatments at bedside.

Hours of operation are 8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday for inpatient services. Inpatient coverage for physical therapy is provided on Saturday and Sunday based on the patient’s diagnosis, rehabilitation potential, and acuity until all treatments are completed.  The Speech-Language Pathologist is available for treatments on the weekends as needed.

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